Recruitment Training Manual


$149.00 USD

Recruitment training will help even the smallest business simplify and standardize the recruitment processes in their  organization.

Putting together a recruitment manual is a time consuming, costly process for any business, so if you run any kind of business and have to recruit staff, then the Ultimate Recruitment Manual has been designed so that you can simplify and standardize the recruitment process so whoever is involved in the process, knows exactly what is required of them. 

The manual can also, easily be customised - just "find and replace" Company Name, Vision/Mission etc and you have your very own, personalized Recruitment Manual.

Aimed primarily at  Executive Management/Directors, Line Managers, Human Resources Managers, Training Managers/Officers and  Human Resources/Organizational Development Consultants, the manual may also assist job applicants in understanding what they are likely to be asked at the job interview.

The manual contains step-by-step processes to:

  • Prepare and plan the process
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Understand great questioning techniques
  • Evaluate the applicants
  • Avoid the usual pitfalls in selection (the Halo effect - the just-like-me syndrome and being alert to personal bias)The manual also contains:
  • A glossary of 39 key attributes and their definitions
  • Example questions to ask
  • A questions test (checking your understanding of what you can ask an interviewee and what you can't)
  • Questions that are illegal or inappropriate

If you own a business and know that your people have not been doing a great job of interviewing and recruiting, then this manual is your life saver. It could save you many thousands of dollars in recruiting the wrong people.

Coral Jonesse has enjoyed a progressive career in human resources, general management, operations management and executive least.  Now living in Tonga, Coral is a world expert in recruitment processes.


Recruitment Training Manual

$149.00 USD