Psycho Selling


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Double Your Income from Sales in 8 Weeks

The original of this book was written in 1994. It was published that year in theUK by BBC Books and reached number two in The Times best selling business book charts.

Over the next twelve months the overseas rights were acquired by publishers in numerouscountries, it was translated into many languages and launched the author's career as an international conference speaker. Second hand copies of the book are listed on Amazon at prices ranging from £25 to£65 depending upon the condition - it's almost a collector's item!

When the book rights reverted to the author, he decided to update the content and make the book widely available again to a whole new generation of sales people.

The book covers:

  • Psycho - about the mind or mental process.
  • Selling - promoting the sale of something to gain acceptance of that product or service.

Therefore PSYCHO-SELLING is using your brain to get someone else's brain to want to buy what you have to sell. The book helps YOU double your income from sales by following 8 processes:

  • Week One - Psycho-selling programming - the vital keys to make YOU the best
  • Week Two - Psycho-selling techniques - vital keys to sales success
  • Week Three - Buyers and their Psychological Profiles - psycho-selling techniques that make them want to buy
  • Week Four - Perfect prospects - how to identify them and make them come to YOU.
  • Week Five - Psycho-selling telephone techniques and presentations
  • Week Six - The psychology behind objections and how to deal with them
  • Week Seven - Close that sale - psycho-closes that guarantee sales success
  • Week Eight - YOU have the Power!

PLUS Psycho-dynamic programming and the GAVA processTM Unlike other books and courses on selling, this book starts with the techniques of Psycho-selling rather than use them as an after-thought.

You can read the book from cover to cover and select the parts you think will work for you OR you can invest one hour per day for eight weeks to hone the skills. Either way, the goal of DOUBLING your sales income has to be a great incentive to learn these skills.

Psycho Selling

$19.00 USD