Practical Complexity Management


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Measure and Manage Complexity from a quantitative point of view

Could the global financial meltdown have been predicted? According to Dr Jacek Marczyk - yes! In this, his latest book, Dr Marczyk explains how a recently developed concept of complexity can be used in fields as diverse as economics, engineering and even to look at society as a whole.

The text is unique in that it provides the first concrete examples of actually measuring and rationally managing complexity from a quantitative point of view.

The book is a series of blogs written by Dr Marcyk and covering an enticing range of diverse topics. He asks some incredibly powerful ‘today' type questions: 

  • Can we really master uncertainty?
  • Why is the complexity of our society increasing?
  • Why do 75% of mergers fail?· Is the theory of evolution really a theory?
  • How complex is the economy getting
  • How do you measure a corporation
  • Why are corporations getting more complex?
  • Why does an AAA business suddenly fail? The Lehman Brother's case
  • Time is money? Not any more
  • When will our global society collapse?

Scary but necessary questions we must be willing to ask if we want to get out of the cycle of financial and societal destruction we seem to have created as a human race.

Dr Marcyk then offers a huge series of blogs - all well worth dipping into:

  • The subprime crisis, complexity and the EU stock markets
  • Complexity and the recession in the USA
  • Stock market freefall and complexity
  • Sustainable growth - an impossibility
  • Sensitivity analysis and how Nature fights backTop 500 Supercomputers and top 500 discoveries

This e-book is not a book to be read at bed-time. Neither is it for the feint hearted!

It requires time to comprehend but clearly sets out the need to understand if your business is becoming too complex and/or worse, if it could be on the verge of collapse.

It is a serious management treatise and a tool essential for every large business with complex systems which, if not monitored or even really understood, could lead to implosion.

If you manage a large organization or government department then you need to read and digest this information. It will help you reduce the risks of managing complex businesses to the point of collapse.

And if you run a smaller business that is growing then this ebook will help you manage the growth without adding layers of complexity and prevent you creating an enterprise with a high risk of failure.

The concepts conveyed in the book have been developed by Ontonix, a company pioneering a quantitative approach to complexity and its effective management and is designed to help the reader understand that even the most complex topic can be measured and managed more effectively.

Be informed. Get the book and take advantage of the fact that it IS a series of blogs, so you can dip into the areas that interest you, and leave the rest for later so you can digest ALL of the information needed to manage a company in the 21st century.

Practical Complexity Management

$14.97 USD