Power Is Irrelevant In Negotiation, Only Influence Is Relevant

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How To Successfully Negotiate Regardless Of Power Bases

Structural Analysis theory maintains the opinion that “more powerful parties are better able to control the negotiation process and obtain results to their liking; negotiations only confirm a given power distribution”. Yet weak parties not only take on stronger ones in negotiation, they often emerge with sizable- even better than expected- results.    

How is that possible?

The author takes his reader through the crucial elements of a negotiation process:

  • Tactics used in negotiation
  • Relevant tactics as per the definition of negotiation
  • Power and its effect on the outcome of a negotiation
  • How to negotiate
  • The relevance of influence
  • Planning a negotiation strategy
  • Understanding the need for tactics
  • The art of asking questions to influence

Cyriac goes on to cite Robert Cialdini’s 6 laws of negotiating:

  • The Law of reciprocity
  • The Law of commitment and consistency
  • The Law of liking
  • The Law of scarcity
  • The Law of authority
  • The Law of social proof

And even uses real life wisdom and examples from as far back as Sun Tsu in The Art of War who states, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory” through to the more modern negotiation between Israel and Egypt, which resulted in Camp David, 1979, example of the usage of the law of authority or expert influence of the USA.

And for business examples he quotes Lee Iacocca’s negotiation with the Congress for a loan guarantee in 1979 as being an excellent example of the power of questions when negotiating. Iacocca posed the question, “would this country really be better off if Chrysler folded and the nation’s unemployment rate went up another half of one percent overnight? Would free enterprise really be served if Chrysler failed and tens of thousands of jobs were lost abroad?”

If you are involved in negotiating; whether it is a small scale negotiation or something as large and strategic as the future of your industry, you would be well served by reading this amazing e.book.

Power Is Irrelevant In Negotiation, Only Influence Is  Relevant

$14.95 USD