Pit Bull Entrepreneurs


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 Ignite yourself with such passion people from far and wide will come watch you burn    

If you’ve ever thought (or dreamed) of starting your own business, you will LOVE these thoughts from Raju Mandhyan.

He asserts that the cognitive business skills for starting, running, and succeeding at a business venture can be gleaned from a book and learned from business schools, but that there is no entity that can impart and equip an entrepreneurial candidate with what economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter described, back in 1912, as:

"the will to conquer, the dream and the will to found a private kingdom, and the joy of creating, of getting things done.”

The author agrees that any successful business starts with a dream for sure, but that its only going through the school of hard knocks; from failing many times and from suffering the excruciating pain of the highs and lows, that any business succeeds.

So if you are:


  •         yet to experience this joy of creating and getting things done
  •         yet to live the dream and exercise the will to build a private kingdom
  •         holding back from fear of failure, possible pain, or the unwanted price 


Then this book is guaranteed to get you off that  lukewarm zone of indecisiveness. It will stir up your will and incite you to blaze a trail of action and success. It will, assuredly, ignite the fire in your belly such that people from far and wide will come to watch you burn!

If that last sentence doesn’t excite you then this book probably isn’t for you. But if it does – then the author recommends that you read through all the chapters once like you would read a novel. Then he asks you to let the stories sink in, the insights seep through your being and then he encourages you to read the book again and WORK ON THE EXERCISES.

Raju Mandhyan  is an author, Life-Coach Professional Trainer and Kenote Speaker. Businesses, teams, and individuals have benefitted for over twelve years now from change consultancy, capability enhancement, and coaching services provided by his organisation - Inner Sun.

Raju writes books on business, leadership, and engagement.  He draws from modalities of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as partnering up with supporting consultants and organizations across the globe.      

Pit Bull Entrepreneurs

$1.95 USD