Persuasion & Influence


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Learning How To Speak In A Way that Gets Results

This ability to influence others is often admired - or envied - by those who don't feel they have the ‘gift'.

Sometimes this ability is natural, but often it is the result of deliberate effort and the acquisition of a range of skills, including a good knowledge of other people.

So learning how to persuade and influence is a skill that can be learned.

Being able to get someone else to do something that you want them to do is a skill almost beyond price. Life's successful persuaders earn more, experience higher levels of success and seem to lead a charmed life full of rich relationships.

In this workbook come e-book, the author answers the questions:

  • What is persuasion, and what is influence?
  • How do I learn to build rapport with people?
  • What is the difference between understanding other people's wants and their needs?
  • What is the difference between features, benefits and advantages?

So if you would like to:

  • Get people to co-operate with you more
  • Get more willing assistance and far fewer refusals when you ask for help.
  • Be up at the top of the information tree, as people are more likely to tell you what is going on.
  • Have people come to you for your valuable opinion and
  • Become one of the fastest climbers of the corporate ladder

Then this book is absolutely for you.

Persuasion & Influence

$12.50 USD