The Gift Of Persistence

I was given an excellent example of persistence and the results it can bring recently. My wife was watching a kids movie on TV with our two boys and some very inappropriate and violent ads came on about half way through.

Now Sarah could have done what the rest of the people who saw those ads did and just moan to their family and friends.

However Sarah thought she would take a stand about this poor programming. She then wrote a considered and well structured complaint highlighting the key areas of law and where she felt they had been breached.

Sarah systematically approached three different authorities, going higher and higher each time, only to be told at each step it "wasn't their responsibility".

Finally the process stalled.

By now any rational person would be thinking "do I stop the fight?"
"Should I just not worry about this and just move on?"

Thankfully this annoying and frustrating process only infuriated my wife more leading to her contact the leading family advocacy group in the country which then led to an article in the country's leading Sunday paper!

As well as this, Sarah contacted our local member of parliament who emailed her straight back while visiting another country during an international trade mission.

You know it so easy some times to just feel the fight is just too hard, just too frustrating.

However the most successful people in the world have also felt that frustration in demanding situations, but have chosen to rise above it, plotting the next path to take when all the doors appeared closed...

Louis Pasteur, inventor of the life saving drug pennicillian, was quoted as saying "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity."

A lot of the time its not the fastest, the most intelligent or even the best who succeed!!! It's the person who stares adversity in the face and just carries on regardless, knowing they will reach their goal one way or another!

What areas are you being challenged in at the moment?

Have you a wall standing before you, that you need to get over, under or around somehow?

I really encourage you to write down some active steps you can take this week to break down some of those things that have been holding you back!

Go forward and be great!

Tom O'Neil B.Soc.Sci.(Psych) A.S.M.
CV.CO.NZ (NZ) Limited



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