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How to stay on track in times of difficulty

We all get ‘stuck' now and again. We may be tired or stressed, so we keep putting off the jobs that we don't like doing.

According to the author there are two scenarios at oppostie ends of the persistence spectrum:

1.       People who declare themselves losers and quit

2.       People who fumble and fail (often over and over again) but ultimately fight back and suceed.

Which are you?

The difference between successfulo people and failures isn't a difference in the experiences they have, rather than how they deal with what happens to them. Most highly successful people in sport or business aren't people who have luck or some kind of genius, rather they are people who refused to quit.

So this training guide will take you through some activities which will hopefully help you re-energise and get back on whatever track you seem to have fallen off.

Simple steps which will help you re-set your goals; face whatever adversity seems to be blocking you, and re-focusing on that target.

1.       Discovering the skills associated with persistence

2.       Developing your own skills

3.       Activity sheet - precticing persistence

4.       Dealing with Competition when you really want something

About the author

The Brooks Group's approach to helping organisations build and sustain top-performing business development programs and effective, productive personnel is based on a proven "whole business" change management approach using a 4-step process.

The Brooks Group has been working with sales organizations for well over 3 decades to develop top-performing sales teams.

Their unique transformational process addresses a variety of challenges and opportunities facing your team, ranging from what's literally happening in the field pre-training, all the way to choosing the right sales training methodology and reinforcing and coaching the sales process on an ongoing basis.

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$9.97 USD