People Management Made Easy


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How to Coach People For High Performance.

In Business, as in sport, those teams which outperform the competition are the teams that will survive and prosper. Achieving High Performance requires constant focus, consistent effort, brilliant coaching and strong leadership; no matter what the field of endeavour.
Fortunately, according to the author, research on winning strategies is substantial and readily available. All we have to do, as business managers, is find out:

  • WHAT top Coaches do
  • HOW they do it and then
  • DO IT ourselves.

The author goes on to say that, in this respect, it helps to consider the activity of Coaching as a game in itself. A top sportsperson goes through certain actions:

  • before, during and after an event

Employees and teams are no different.  The author suggests that as a coach, your focus needs to be on what you do before another person's performance begins, during that performer's activity, and once they've finished a period of activity - after.
This book will take you through every step you will need to bcome an effective work-related performance coach. It is targeted specially at that part of your role as manager and leader where you are responsible for growing the capability of the business unit.
This very comprehensive e-book covers:

  • Agreeing performance expectations and the triple A formula (Awareness, ability and attitude)
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance
  • Developing a s-t-r-e-t-c-h performance
  • Selecting performers
  • The coach's development

Cherri Holland has twenty years of organisational success experience, from positions in large corporates to consulting projects working with executive teams within icon companies, from every sector, in 6 countries. She has a particular interest in organisation development and coaching leaders so they know how to get the best out of the people they manage; the communication skills needed to facilitate on-the-job development, and the ability to build the organisation's capability through effective performance management.
Cherri has a BA (Ind Psych) from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

People Management Made Easy

$14.95 USD