People Capability and Value - Updated Version


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Accelerating people's potential and speeding up change

For toddlers, learning is as natural as breathing. Then they go to school, andresearch shows a decline in creativity and original thought.

Over time, sadly, people forget how to think and learn. They are force-fed brain-incompatible studymethods that have at their source the premise that learning requires discipline and effort. After years of this ‘suggestion' (some may call it ‘programming') the brain is hard-wired to this premise.

(One thing we know about the brain - it is highly susceptible to "suggestion".)

In a business that needs it's staff to keep up-skilling and changing the way they do things, it's not surprising many are resistant to new information, training (which reminds many of school) and on-the-job learning.

The costs of refusal or resistance to learning is massive.

Nolan, Norton and Co looked at the costs of installing new technology in Fortune 1000 organisations, and found this cost breakdown:

  • 18 % spent on hardware
  • 10% spent on software
  • 7% spent on formal training
  • 24% spent on informal peer support
  • 39% spent on formal IT support

i.e. up to 63% of the cost of technology implementation had to do with learning after the formal training. Which suggests that the initial training was less-than effective.

Add that 7% of costs for the formal training and you get 70% of directand indirect implementation costs to do with the cost of learning (or lack of it).

Would it make a difference to your bottom line if:

  • Learning could be accelerated - effective and permanent?
  • As a byproduct of such training, people's overall capacity for (and speed of) learning was increased?
  • There was a connection between resistance to learning and resistance to change, and if this resistance could be a thing of the past?
  • All leaders knew how to help people change and expand their capability continuously?

This is what is absolutely possible using an approach to learning and training which comes under the broad heading of "Accelerative Learning."

In this book the author, an Accelerated Learning expert walks you through the ‘how to' of achieving all of the above:

  • The brain/body connection
  • Brain to brain communication
  • Mindmapping and long term memory
  • How to accelerate the learning process
  • How to become a competitive ‘learning' organization
  • The competitive edge - a hunger for improvement

If you are a business owner or manager constantly frustrated by your staff's resistance to learning and upskilling, then this book could be a life changer for you AND for your staff. Because if staff don't keep learning and growing, then pretty soon they will find they have skills for jobs that no longer exist.

People Capability and Value - Updated Version

$17.00 USD