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A Study into the experiences of senior women in financial services

In the financial sector, the number of women in senior positions remains low and while there are policies in place to redress this balance, they are not working well.

The McKinsey report ‘Women Matter' points out that companies with more women on their executive outperform companies with no women in senior positions.

This report has two aims:

  • To understand how successful women in the finance sector have developed their careers
  • To provide financial institutions with meaningful information and analysis that can be used to address the gender imbalance

The report then talks about the different aspects found in researching 54 organisations with a combined turnover of over £500 billion.

Some of the factors that the report looks at are:

  • The roles of women in the organisation
  • Sectors represented by participants
  • Characteristics of successful women in financial services
  • The impact of children
  • Professional interactions

The report then creates and Action Plan for change which helps any organization look at improving the situation with more women in senior management positions. A good read for any organization who wants to change and improve their diversity ratios.

About the Authors

Odgers Berndtson is one of the leading international executive search firms and the largest in the UK.

Their reputation for excellence and integrity has been established over 40 years.

They act as trusted advisors to clients who need help recruiting for important positions and work in all commercial and financial sectors, in government, health, education and charities.

Muika Leadership Muika Leadership are corporate leadership experts who deliver powerful and targeted learning and development programmes. The business has conducted a number of research studies over many years focusing on the under representation of minority groups in senior management positions.

The findings of their research have been used to inform organisational development strategies, training development programmes and recruitment initiatives.

Muika Leadership has over two decades of specialist skills and experience in designing and delivering development programmes.

The firm's knowledge of corporate leadership has been generated from training and developing almost 20,000 business women and men across a range of firms, public institutions and government organisations in the UK, Europe, Africa and North America.

Past Perspectives; Future Change

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