Passionate Performance


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A visionary and inspirational book that will show you the success keys to passion.

After the outstanding success of his best-selling book Passionate People Produce, The Passion Provocateur has produced another powerful tool for those who are seeking business success.

This visionary and inspirational book will show you the Success Keys:

  • Why passion is the key to business success in the 21st century
  • How profits are inextricably linked to balance in the workplace
  • Why 80 per cent of organizations don't survive more than five years
  • Motivational principles that generate creativity and innovation
  • The key ingredients of leadership and how to cultivate them
  • Perspectives on physical health and fitness that will galvanize your actions to drive your business success
  • The key ingredients of leadership and how to cultivate them
  • How to create an inspirational corporate purpose and vision that unites your team and leads to the achievement of all your goals

A succinct book with unique and insightful ideas that are thoughtfully explained.  The powerful and practical suggestions are simple and quick to apply. 

Charles Kovess has shared these proven and practical strategies with pre-eminent leaders and companies throughout Australia in his seminars, presentations and individual coaching.

Review for the book: 

"Forget the Knowledge Age, it's time to bring passionate commitment to work." - Catherine Fox from the Australian Financial Review reports.


Passionate Performance

$22.50 USD