Optimally Agile



What Every Business Leader, Executive, Manager and Entrepreneur Needs to Know (And Do) to Succeed in This Brave New Super-Fast World

The author acknowledges that the speed and breadth of change means that old business models are crumbling and the world has become more competitive. She suggests that the past decade has been particularly tumultuous; that the years ahead are likely to be even more chaotic and that more than half of the most turbulent quarters in the last 30 years have occurred in the past decade. 

This is in no small part due to living through an era of unrivalled rapid technological change; a tremendous shift in consumer power and preferences and the fact that if we look beyond short-term indicators, the world's financial picture looks bleak.  

The old power centres are breaking up. Organisations of all kinds and sizes are struggling to adapt to a pace of change that is overwhelming.

Oh dear. Fortunately the author has solutions for her reader.

She outlines the 12 qualities of an Optimally Agile organisation - a great opportunity to rank yourself against these 12 criteria! And then offers her 6 point method for optimising your organisation's ability to deal with the massive changes facing all of us:

1.      Alignment optimisation

2.      Effectively unifying the organisation

3.      Passion and initiative

4.      Structure optimisation

5.      Value optimisation

6.      Advantage optimisation

Books of this nature are vital for owners and managers to read a. To honestly evaluate where they are on the ‘agility' scale and b. To put in place whatever they need to if they are to stay abreast of whatever changes are likely to hit them   

About the author:

Lisa McCarthy is the CEO of oAi as well as a business coach, leadership & strategic advisor, and the creator of Optimal AgilityTM, oAi's core methodology for creating the results organisations want and most importantly need.


Optimally Agile

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