Office Politics


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How to navigate the undercurrents of office politics and stay afloat.

Office politics can be very subtle. People in the office seem friendly but there is an undercurrent of mistrust. The person who was supposed to help you with a certain project always seems to be too busy. Others make sarcastic remarks about you and to you. You feel lost and worried.

In this e-book Alan Searing covers some critical points when understanding what office politics are and how to deal with them.

For instance:

  • Why do people resort to office politics?
  • The tactics they use - withholding information, divide and conquer, sarcasm, blame and betrayal
  • The ravages office politics cause
  • The action plan to not only survive the games, but even how to thrive in these unhealthy conditions

A must-read for anyone who is currently being affected by the insidious behaviours that are office politics.

Alan is the Director of Solutions4U which provides self development books and CDs so that others can help themselves to improve their own circumstances in life.


Office Politics

$15.00 USD