No Winner Ever Got There Without A Coach



This free chapter from the book ‘No winner ever got there without a coach' is called ‘Winners who became losers: Abrasive leaders' and is taken from an interview with Dr Laura Cranshaw, founder of The Boss Whispering Institute.

Her groundbreaking research with more than four hundred executives, managers, supervisors, and professionals (including medical, legal, and academic) exploded the myth that so intentionally set out to harm employees. Instead, she found the opposite-lacking the ability to read other's emotions, the vast majority of abrasive leaders are blind to the wounds they inflict. She discovered that they lack psychological insight. She specialises in helping these individuals quickly gain insight into the impact of their words and actions and to develop non-destructive management strategies.

She suggests that ‘interpersonally competent leaders have enough emotional intelligence to know how to relate to coworkers in socially acceptable ways that promote stable working relationships and ensure the smooth flow of work. They're insightful enough to consistently interact in a manner that their coworkers perceive as respectful. These skills help them successfully maneuver themselves and their teams through the inevitable interpersonal rough patches present in any workplace, keeping emotional distress, and the resulting distraction, to a minimum. Contrast these adequate leaders with leaders who don't have this capacity-who are, to put it bluntly, interpersonally incompetent, relying on aggression to motivate others and flog the work forward.

The abrasive leaders are individuals charged with managerial authority whose interpersonal behavior causes emotional distress in coworkers sufficient to disrupt organizational functioning. This definition also includes professionals, such as physicians and attorneys, who may not have direct management responsibilities, but who still wield authority over others.'

Dr Cranshaw discusses:

· Why employers should seriously worry if they have any abrasive leaders

· Why having policy and procedure manuals which state harassment and bullying is not acceptable is a good first step

· Why simply ‘talking' to these people doesn't work

And the three very simple choices an organisations has if they have realised they have abrasive leaders in their organisation.

Dr. Crawshaw founded The Boss Whispering Institute, which is dedicated to research and training in the field of coaching abrasive leaders. Pursuing her mission to reduce individual and organizational suffering caused by workplace bullying, Dr. Crawshaw trains coaches, consultants, and conflict specialists worldwide in the practice of Boss Whispering®. Dr. Crawshaw research directly with abrasive leaders and their employers. Dr. Crawshaw's book, Taming the Abras Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace findings on why abrasive leaders resort to interpersonal aggression with coworkers, why they deny their destructive impact, and what individuals and employers can do to effectively get these bosses to behave in a civilized manner. Dr. Crawshaw holds degrees in clinical social work and organizational behavior and speaks internationally at workplace bullying, management, and coaching conferences.

She has more than thirty years' experience as a psychotherapist, corporate officer, and executive coach.

No Winner Ever Got There Without A Coach

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