New Tech Benchmark Report 2016



Since CultureAmp's  first report in 2013, the annual New Tech Benchmark Report has become an important resource for people geeks within and outside the New Tech industry. The 2016 report presents insights taken from research with over 60,000 New Tech employees from over 150 companies in 2015.

Our ongoing work with many of the world’s fastest-growing disruptive technology companies and some of the world’s most talented employees uniquely places us to provide quality data and insights.

Some of the primary questions we sought to address in the report are:

  • Has engagement changed in the last year?
  • How does engagement in New Tech companies compare with employee engagement in professional services companies? 
  • What separates the most engaged companies from the least engaged? 
  • What is driving engagement across New Tech companies?
  • How does role, gender, age and tenure affect engagement? 
  • What are people in New Tech companies talking about?

This New Tech Benchmark Report 2016 is the first in a series of reports which will be released this year. Upcoming reports will explore links between employee feedback (including text analytics) and other business metrics together with further analyses of role, gender, tenure and age diversity in New Tech companies. CultureAmp will be releasing, for the first time, Benchmark Reports for Hospitality & Retail; and Professional Services. 

New Tech Benchmark Report 2016

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