Negotiating Success



How to get what you want and enable others to get what they want too, in life and in business

Just about everything is a negotiation. It doesn't matter whether it is the family holiday destination, career promotion, selling or getting the youngsters to clean their room; we all negotiate to get what we want.

Some people say they are good negotiators, when really they are people who use force and even bullying tactics to get their own way.

Brute force and bullying is NOT negotiating as the author realized first hand.

"Before I called it negotiation, I simply called it getting my own way and it turns out that I was good at getting my own way - what I wasn't so good at was keeping long term friendships and relationships. Being an only child of two only children meant that I really didn't understand the finer details of what successful negotiation meant - I knew how to get my own way, but I didn't allow others to get their own way in the process."

So he set out to find out what this ‘negotiation' thing was really all about.

Using materials derived from the work of Roger Fisher and William Ury in "Getting to Yes", the Ebook sets out some core principles to negotiate anything.

He discovered that:

  • You have to be clear WHO you are negotiating with: Baby Boomers, Generations X and Y all require different negotiating techniques. Whatever the generation, you will need to adapt a different approach for your negotiations.
  • You need to understand the point of view of the view of the people we are negotiating with.
  • You need to understand the communication strategy of people you are negotiating with - are they Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?
  • You need to understand their personality profile? The Ebook discusses the DISC profile

    - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance

Once you understand the profile, the communication strategy and the generation of the person you are negotiating with, you can apply the following rules of negotiation.

  1. Remember merits not people - keep the objective clear
  2. Appeal to their interests - negotiate what is in it for them (WIIFM)
  3. Use objective standards to move the negotiation forward
  4. Have a variety of options and alternatives that will satisfy you and them available during the negotiation
  5. Believe that there are other factors involved in the decision making process.

When you negotiate, you need to be 100% prepared.

This Ebook will provide you with knowledge, tips and ideas to help you do that preparation. It even has some practical material you can use and adapt when you negotiate with your clients.

If you are concerned about your negotiation skills and acknowledge they could be better, then this Ebook is a simple guide to help you negotiate the outcomes you want.

Get this book today if you are in sales, management, a parent, on a committee or anywhere else where getting to yes stresslessly is important to you.

Negotiating Success

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