Negotiate More Effectively Toolkit


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Business Applications of NLP

According to Dr Woodsmall, the meaning of a communication is the response we get. So if we are not making the sales we want (and need); if we are not dealing effectively with our staff and if we are not able to negotiate effectively with our suppliers then we need to understand how our brain is programmed and how to change that programming so we CAN achieve all the things we desire to be successful.

In this very comprehensive e-book, Dr Woodsmall discusses 4 general principles:

1. The need to know the outcome we want to achieve.

2. To have sufficient sensory acuity to know if what you are doing is moving you towardyour outcome or away from it.

3. How to vary your behavior until you get the response that you want.

4. How to take immediate action.

As a global master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Dr Woodsmall shares the key elements of changing our thoughts and our behaviours in order to achieve success. He covers:

  • The mind and how it works - its programming and its language
  • Understanding the process and problems of sales - making people feel good about giving you money
  • What ‘influence' is and how to
  • The 6 major weapons of influence
  • The 5 key beliefs essential to successful sales
  • Rapport - the key to trust and responsiveness
  • How to speak your customer's language
  • Advanced rapport - the gateway to seduction
  • How to get feedback and test understanding
  • The physiology of personal power
  • The 6 key nonverbal indicators to read a person by
  • How to ask the right questions
  • People smartness - what you need to know about your customer
  • The science of sorts and types
  • Closing - how to bring home the bacon
  • Future pacing for future sales If you have never heard of NLP, then this is your opportunity to learn from the Master.

If you are a practitioner or budding practitioner, then this is a book you will absolutely want in your library.

And Guide To Getting Quality Feedback For Your Firm - Kirsten Hodgson

Getting useful Feedback to get more clients

Do you encourage client feedback or do you hate it?

Often when someone says ‘Can I give you some feedback' your heart starts beating faster and your tummy goes into spasm, because we know it's probably going to be a negative comment.

And yet if we can overcome our fears, often that feedback can take our business to a whole new level of customer service and customer deliver.

So why wouldn't you want to encourage feedback? In this report Kirsten Hodgson gives you the benefit of her vast experience in dealing with professional service firms.

Her first tip around the whole feedback arena, is to know why you WANT feedback. Is it just to make you feel better or is it to understand where things can be improved?

She also recommends that as business owners or managers we need to learn the key questions to ask to build a better business and a better relationship with your clients.

Kirsten also explains the different types of feedback you could seek. We tend to think feedback is only from the outside; from our customers. But what about an internal review? I wonder what our staff would tell us if we asked them and made it safe for them to answer!So hopefully you are now eager to get started - great. But before you rush out and start asking for feedback, Kirsten suggests that there are some processes that you need to consider first.

For example, your customers may not feel very comfortable giving you feedback - particularly internally. Kirsten covers this so you can safely overcome objections.

And finally, this e-report will run you through several different yet practical considerations which will be important as you start to gather useful feedback.

The e-report finishes with the Kaleidoscope Four Step Client Review Process.

This page alone is worth the time to download and read the report if you are in business providing a service to clients. Honest feedback can make all the difference between success and failure in future relationships.

Negotiate More Effectively Toolkit

$54.00 USD