My Long Flight From Freedom


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A courageous account of the emotional decision to leave South Africa

If you are a person who is currently facing a huge, emotional, life-changing decision, then this book is a must-read. It has been described as ‘un-put-down-able' by all who have reviewed it. It is the story of the author's heart breaking choice - to leave behind her entire family so she and her husband could give their children a better future.

In the author's own words:

‘From the time Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990 until the 2009 elections, much has happened in South Africa to the perception of freedom promised and longed for during the turbulent days of the 1970s and 1980s. South Africa is an extraordinarily beautiful and vast country with a climate beyond compare; a colourful nation of enormously talented and resourceful people, yet emigration out of South Africa over the past fifteen years has been extensive and the outward flow is ongoing. Which begs the question - why are so many people leaving South Africa?'

The story is an honest, sometimes humourous, always courageous account of her family's journey away from the so called ‘freedom' that was promised. Her aim is to offer countless South African emigrants a voice and a recognition of the heartbreaking sacrifices they each made in their decision to leave their homes and their country whilst honouring the commitment and significance of those left behind.

She describes in detail genuine experiences of the turbulent times before the fall of Apartheid and the reasons and process of coming to the decision to leave. She describes the pain many people are feeling as a result of the troubles in South Africa and has delicately documented the events that brought about her decision, whilst ensuring the book is kept free of racism and political correctness.

Few of us can imagine what it must be like to find that freedom has become so fraught with danger that the only option left open is to leave your homeland and seek a new life on the other side of the world.

This is very much, a book that needed to be written.

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My Long Flight From Freedom

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