My Dear Franchisees (


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If you are a franchisor, a franchisee or a manager, then this book is a must read...

Ann Andrews asks the question - as a franchisor would it make your life easier if your franchisees realized that:

  • They have not bought a job?
  • You are not their Mum, their Dad or their banker?
  • You are absolutely not their enemy?

Carl Davies asks would it also make your life easier to know before your franchisees sign up:

  • Exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are?
  • Exactly what motivates them?
  • Exactly what help they will need to make their business a success?
  • Whether they will be suitable franchisees at all?

Also available as a hard copy book!

Reviews of the book: 

"I've just read your book My Dear Franchisees, and I want to order a copy for every single one of my franchisees. Every word resonated. I have been trying to tell my franchisees these things for years - now perhaps they will understand. Especially the comment you make that I am NOT their enemy!" - Warren Mills, Franchisor - Small Business Accounting.

"I have just finished reading My Dear Franchisees - as always (in)valuable information and expertise! Congratulations and many thanks. I was actually thinking of Franchising my own business, but after reading the book - the question now is:  "We can do it (franchise), but is it a good idea?" In other words, will the result be up to investment in dollars, time and energy? Thanks for giving me food for thought??" - Pierre LEONARD, CEO, Virtual Words Translations.

"Ann your book is very impressive and makes great down-to-earth reading. I am passing my copy on to my GM Franchising Services with a suggestion that it should be compulsory reading for all our new franchisees." - Sue Bartlett, Director, Paramount Services.

"Hi Ann, I have recently read your book "My Dear Franchisees", and absolutely loved it.  Read it in about 2 hours, I couldn't put it down." - Liz Kanters, Humitech Holdings (NZ) Ltd.

"Having discovered the book ‘My Dear Franchisee' it now forms an important part of our introductory material to all new Franchisees. I find it an invaluable starting guide for the individual new to the idea of franchising as it is informative, inspiring, re-assuring and humorous. In particular, Section 1 which refers specifically to the relationship that the franchisee and I, as franchisor, will have and the various stages of expectation, frustration and exhilaration that they may experience.  The book reiterates a good number of my own personal thoughts and attitude towards the franchisor/franchisee relationship and presents a clear outline of the prospective franchisee's undertaking and our respective expectations. To date, I have only received positive feedback from the book". - Karl Sandall, Chief Executive, TaxAssist Accountants, UK.


My Dear Franchisees (

$15.00 USD