Motivate and Engage People


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The Power Hour series has been developed to allow line managers or trainers to deliver short, sharp, effective training sessions to their teams or small groups with minimal disruption to normal every-day operations.

Experience of delivering training is not essential, as each Power Hour session comes with detailed notes for the leader, and two useful take-aways for those attending: A short workbook to accompany the session, and a 2-sided ‘key points' sheet, that can be laminated and kept handy at work. Supporting slides are available but not necessary, as managers do not always have the facility to run PowerPoint presentations. All important information is provided in the delegates' workbook.

Designed to be run in 60 minutes, Power Hour sessions can be run in place of an ordinary team meeting, or as part of a longer meeting. If you have longer than an hour, optional additional material is provided to stretch the sessions to 90 minutes or even 2 hours. You can also combine a number of Power Hour sessions on similar themes to create a half or full-day workshop if desired. Suggestions about which topics go well together are provided in the Session Leader's Notes.

Extra supporting materials are minimal, and clearly identified in the Session Leader's Notes so that everything can be prepared in advance.
To ensure that your team gets the most out this Power Hour, it is vital that they put their learning into practice. To enable them to do this, at least 4 measurable activities are suggested at the end of the Session Leader's Notes and delegate workbook. Of course, other similar actions that are more specific to your business or function may be set by you, or agreed with individuals instead.

Power Hour sessions are designed to be interactive and 6-8 delegates is ideal, although it is possible to run them with only 2 people, or for larger groups. Just bear in mind, the larger the group, the more discussion, and this could make it difficult to complete the session in just 60 minutes.

The Session Leader's Notes provide a step-by-step guide to running a Power Hour Session and describe:

  • · What you should explain and when.
  • · How to run discussions and activities
  • · How long you should assign to each part
  • · Key points to highlight/look for in discussions and activity debriefs
  • · What supporting material you should refer to

This Power Hour Session includes extra optional activities that can turn this 60 minute session into a session lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes.

About The Author

Sheridan Webb is the owner and creative force behind Power Hour Training. She has over 20 years experience of designing training for other people to use but is also an experienced facilitator, qualified coach and NLP business practitioner too! Most of Sheridan's experience has been gained working with managers and front-line staff in retail, manufacturing, utilities and financial services. She is passionate about giving people the tools and skills they need to job their jobs to the best of their ability, and takes a practical rather than theoretical approach which comes through in her training materials. For 60 minute training sessions For bespoke training design

Motivate and Engage People

$48.50 USD