Mining For Gold


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A great little book on facilitating meetings; running training sessions and how to extract great ideas from your participants.

An American, permanently based in Singapore, Michael has inspired countless people on 6 continents and in 25 countries.  Michael was twice President of NSA-Minnesota, where he runs a 90% repeat/referral training and speaking business.  Michael was also voted "Motivational Speaker Of The Year".

In this book, Michael gives some great definitions of the difference between seminars, workshops and facilitation sessions - with great tips for new trainers.

Other pearls and processes include:

  • Techniques for getting people to open up in a training session
  • Understanding and valuing a person's private space
  • Use of games, puzzles, tricks and visuals
  • Humour and laughter and the power of each
  • How to be non-threatening when people are protecting their patch

In all there are 10 invaluable techniques for working with groups and bringing out the best in all participants in the session.

PLUS a list of amazing resources the new trainer or existing trainer can access to run great presentations or meetings every time.

Testimonial: "This is one of the best books on facilitation I've ever read. The tips and technique4s are solid gold!"

Harvey Mackay. #1 New York bestselling author of 'Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive"



Mining For Gold

$18.50 USD