Create Moments - That Create Memories - That Build Lives!

I have an approach to life that I call "moment making". During study towards my degree in Psychology, I noticed that people remember their life in "highlights".

They remember a special birthday, a trip away, or a unique moment that came about randomly.

What they don't remember is the 180 Friday nights at the local bar, the 2000+ hours playing Playstation or the 10,000 hours of TV they watched over the last 3.5 years.

I am not saying that going to the pub or 'chilling out' at home is a bad thing, however it is vital we look back on our years with wonderful memories of a life well lived, not a whole bunch of "grey" / white noise that we can't quite recall...

As my wife and I have two boys, living this principle is even more important. As parents we must actively create moments -that create memories - that build lives! I live in fear of being the father in Cat Stephens' famous song "Cats in the cradle" - the story of a father who was too busy to create memories with his son until it was too late...

Many of these moments do not need to cost much money and could be as simple as camping overnight on the back lawn, a weekend away at a motel, or getting in your car and discovering a new park, beach or café near your house.

A very wise friend of mine, Guy Rook, says "be intentional in your living." We must actively take the time to create these moments, or time will just march on by without anything memorable taking place.

My wife Sarah goes out of her way to scatter events through the year, ensuring we as a family have things we can look back on - laughing at the fun and craziness we had together.

However you must actively choose to create a life full of fun and enjoyable memories! The reward is a positive on-going legacy for you, your family and your friends...

Go ahead and try and create a moment a month or even a moment a week!



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