Mastering Job Market Trends



Your System For Finding A Great Job

The employment market is getting more complex, and jobs are becoming more difficult to find. Competition for jobs can be fierce so it can be extremely challenging to keep on track with your job search when it is so easy to get frustrated and lost in the process.

This guide is designed to remove the mystery and uncertainty of the job search process; to eliminate the confusion around searching for a suitable job and to create a process and a path that can truly work for everyone.

The author, Ngee Key, is a career coach and strategist. He has written this Ebook to help adults successfully find not just any job, but a great job.

When you complete this guide you will be clear about your profession, your industry and your environment in the current job market.

You will become more aware of the important trends in the job ‘search' market and how those trends will influence the future and impact on your own career path.

The guide is a part of a series that will provide you with tools, exercises and activities to get that job you want and deserve and is broken into the following sections:

  • Why are you here
  • The Industry and you
  • Your profession and the environment
  • 10 factors that affect attainability
  • Your goals
  • More resources for your toolkit

The guide deals with the key obstacles you are likely to face as you search for your perfect job, and helps you identify and clarify what you need to do next in your quest.

You will learn what you could be doing to help your chances of getting the job you want, plus tips to understand the trends in your industry.

With adults changing jobs 10 times or more in their work life, this guide is a must have for every parent, professional or employment consultancy. The tools and tips are also relevant to any age and any career or level of employment.

Mastering Job Market Trends

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