Managing Change In The Workplace


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A step-by-step template to ensure lasting change in your business.

Because change is a constant, all organizations, no matter how large or small need to be adaptable to an ever changing marketplace.
Sadly, in most organizations ‘change’ is often frantic and reactionary at best, and chaotic at worst. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Change can and must be, an integral part of the strategic planning of any organization.
According to the author - change processes fail for 7 key reasons:

  1. The absence of a ‘change’ champion, or having a champion who is too junior in the organization
  2. Poor executive or senior management support
  3. Poor project management skills
  4. Resting the process on a one-dimensional solution
  5. Political in-fighting and turf wars
  6. Poorly defined objectives
  7. The ‘change’ team being diverted to other projects

This very comprehensive pack comes with a 107 page guide and a separate 26 page reusable workbook. The product is targeted at anyone who is involved in leading, managing or implementing a change process in their team, department or entire organisation.
This pack is not designed to be a passive-read e-book/workbook; it is designed to take the team or organization through an interactive and progressive process. Readers will work through a number of exercises as they work on their own organisation's change program.
The exercises also use practical, proven, change management templates and worksheets.
The process covers every aspect of managing change effectively and uses a unique CHANGE Approach to getting all those who will be affected by the change process, on board and working towards the new way of doing things.

As you work through the guide, you will complete a series of practical exercises designed to help you plan and manage your change process for maximum impact and minimum disruption. On the journey, you will be treated to a variety of tools, techniques and tips for ensuring that change not only happens, but actually lasts.
The guide covers:

  • Understanding change in your organization
  • The 3 key principles that guide successful change programmes
  • The change approach
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Managing change through projects
  • Managing change through teams

Included are worksheets covering:

  • The forces for change
  • A SWOT analysis
  • The ‘Nature of Change’
  • Creating tension (discovering why change is necessary)
  • Harnessing support (the stakeholders)
  • A goals checklist (measuring the process)
  • Goal-setting
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The skills gap
  • Systems capability (changing one part of a system affects all other parts)
  • Entrenching change (designing a rewards process; a feedback process; celebrating successes and the responsibility of leaders during the process)

PLUS – A Training Plan template
If your organization is contemplating a change process and isn’t 100% sure how to do this so everyone in the organization understands why it is important and how they can support the process along the way – then Leslie Allan’s two pack product is your solution.

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Managing Change In The Workplace

$65.00 USD