Manage Under-Performance


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Power Hour training materials have been designed by professional trainers to help businesses run effective bite-size training workshops on specific topics. These training materials have been designed so no training experience is necessary to run the sessions.

The Power Hour series has been developed to allow you to receive practical and effective training with minimal disruption to your normal every-day operations. Each session is focussed on one specific skill, rather than a complete topic area. Although a lot can be achieved in an hour, real benefit will only be gained if learning is put into practice.

To help you to do this, at least 4 measurable activities are suggested at the end of this workbook. You should select at least one of them, or agree similar actions with your session leader so that you can bring about a real change in the way you do things as a result of attending your Power Hour session.

Objectives of this Session

Most people come to work with the intention of doing a good job. Unfortunately, sometimes performance isn't as good as it should be. There are a wide range of reasons why people don't always perform well at work, but whatever the reason, managers should be helping these people to deliver to the best of their ability, and meet the standards expected of them.

Managing underperformance needn't be hard. Indeed, it should be a normal part of everyday people management. Dealing with issues when they arise, and not allowing them to escalate makes them easier to handle and the solutions simpler. In this session we look at how to tackle underperformance so that things don't escalate into disciplinary situations.

By the end of the Power Hour you will be able to:

· Recognise 4 main reasons for underperformance at work.

· Have a performance improvement conversation with someone.

· Draw up a Performance Improvement Plan

About the author 

Sheridan Webb is the owner and creative force behind Power Hour Training. She has over 20 years experience of designing training for other people to use but is also an experienced facilitator, qualified coach and NLP business practitioner too! Most of Sheridan's experience has been gained working with managers and front-line staff in retail, manufacturing, utilities and financial services. She is passionate about giving people the tools and skills they need to job their jobs to the best of their ability, and takes a practical rather than theoretical approach which comes through in her training materials. For 60 minute training sessions For bespoke training design


Manage Under-Performance

$48.50 USD