Making Money is Killing Your Business


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How To Build A Business And Have A Life Too

NFIB Names ‘Making Money is Killing Your Business'
The #1 Rated Business Book of 2010

According to the author, most business owners think their purpose in business is to make money. It isn't. The business owner's purpose is to build a business that makes money.

You might like to read that sentence a couple of times. I know I had to.

Why are you in business? I guess most owners who are asked that question will say ‘To Make Money.'

This book will seriously challenge your thinking. The author passionately believes that we have to do more than just making money; that we have to build a business we love and have a life too.

Think about that. Would it make a difference to your relationships and your health if you not only had a business you loved, but a business that actually made money while you were on vacation?

Chuck Blakeman is living proof that we can all build a business that makes money while we put our feet up on some foreign shores.

He covers:

  • The need to conquer the tyranny of the urgent
  • How we got on the treadmill and why we can't get off
  • The business maturity clock that is ticking inside our heads
  • The stuff we can't ignore if we want our business to grow up

And once we have absorbed some of that information, he then shares with us:

  • The key tools for growing a mature business
  • A simple plan to run your business 
  • Why so few have so much

If you want to avoid ‘average'; if you want to build a business rather than just make money (though making money is nice); but most importantly, if you want to take the giant leap that allows your business to make money while you are off on a cruise somewhere, then make this the one book you buy this year.


"Thank you for all you do for us small business owners. You are greatly appreciated". Trish Moore

"Process Mapping has changed my life". Lyric Turner

"Chuck, your willingness to speak the truth to us about our blind spots while reinforcing what we do well (along with just the right dose of encouragement and support) has, and continues to be, a huge blessing to us and our business". Eddie Drescher

Making Money is Killing Your Business

$28.95 USD