Make Your Info Smarter


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21 Ways to Ensure Customers Don't Ditch Your Product Information

Your product information sits alongside your competitor's marketing material. It should be making you stand out from the herd. Is it?

Is your marketing material created in such a way that it can be successfully filed and found again? After all that's your objective in producing it... so that it can be kept for future reference.

This guide has been produced by Wendy Kerr; an architectural librarian who, for many years has dealt with various forms of marketing material which need to be filed for future reference. In most cases she finds that the material is so bad, it literally ends up in the trash. Yet you spend a lot of time and money creating information about your products and services - the last thing you want for all your work and effort is for it to be ditched after a cursory glance.

This e-guide is a unique and very specialized guide; written by a librarian so that you can avoid wasting your money producing information that will fail to be kept somewhere safe in your client's office.

This is an insider's view to information storage. The author shares details that your graphic designer and printer will probably never consider.

This guide is designed to help you design and present your product information in a way that can be used, retained, and understood by your clients more successfully so that you maximize the time and money you spent on creating the information in the first place.

Most importantly, the design and presentation of your product information material should meet your customer's needs and make them feel good about your company. It is a ‘first, yet lasting impression' opportunity to show them how clever you are.
Want to learn:

  • The vital, practical little things that make a big difference to the success of your product information in your client's library or information storage area?
  • The details you need to consider so that your client reaches for your information first?
  • How to take full advantage of free advertising space?
  • How to do instant updates?
  • What style binder or container is best for your product information?
  • And more, much more....

This guide provides practical, simple tips to reduce the wasteful dumping of poorly designed material, thus saving the environment and at the same time, rendering your marketing budget better spent.


Make Your Info Smarter

$37.00 USD