Maintaining Passion, Enthusiasm, Motivation And Momentum


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It's difficult being a leader. Human beings are extremely complicated.

Surveys suggest that less than 25% of people demonstrate that they are passionate or enthusiastic or motivated about their work and as a leader that is your greatest challenge.

"Engaged" is the current buzz word used to describe the enthusiastic, positive and passionate employees in an organisation - people for whom, extra discretionary effort is a normal part of their attitude.

The problem is that only one in five employees display these attributes according to Australian research by the Gallup Organisation. The Gallup Organisation also estimates the annual cost of Australian disengagement to be a mammoth A$33 billion.

These sorts of numbers simply should not be ignored but, sadly, the evidence suggests they are.

Lack of 'engagement' shows up in many ways:

.    Low energy levels
.    Happiness levels (or not)
.    Customer complaints
.    Conflict between employees
.    Conflict with customers
.    Lack of initiative being taken by employees
.    Poor levels of willingness to take responsibility
.    High levels of avoidance of taking responsibility

So as a modern day, caring leader, you have done the team building program, you have had the annual conference and now you are back at the coalface, and the energy in the organisation is still lousy, your people are still unhappy and unmotivated, they have lost their enthusiasm, and the momentum that you know you need to achieve your team's goals is disappearing rapidly!

What do you do?

This e-book will give you step by step explanations and examples of proven strategies that will help you to overcome these challenges. But first, the author suggests you have to be motivated enough to take the steps and implement the strategies, that just reading about them is not enough. 

Maintaining Passion, Enthusiasm, Motivation And Momentum

$14.95 USD