Line Management


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Managing between the lines - top line to bottom line

As a result of New Zealand winning the William Webb Ellis rugby union trophy in 2011 (for non rugby nations - this is the world cup for rugby) the author asks:

  • What can the business world learn from rugby? Something like - being up against the best in the world, in a global game, and with unexpected obstacles? Business can, and should, learn from sport.

This book provides a new and very clever spin on the term "Line Management": managing the "lines":

  • Frontline
  • Midline
  • Backline
  • Sideline
  • Advantage line
  • Top line and
  • Bottom line
  • And most important of all - managing the end game

The book describes the key organisation success factors that yield most value (market impact or return on investment) and how to manage these factors. It shows how to be better and more successful than others who currently divert consumer dollars from your business bank account. And the author offers the reader this assessment:

  1. I want to better mobilise people capability (human capital) in my organisation
  2. I frequently wonder why we don't perform to potential
  3. I'm dissatisfied with sales and/or service delivery
  4. Too many people in my unit or business are disengaged/could contribute more
  5. Employees don't show enough initiative or accountability
  6. Sales people don't sell enough
  7. Supervisors don't show the right leadership or produce the right results
  8. Customer retention and/or repeat business could be better
  9. Employees or departments work at cross purposes
  10. I believe that top-down management delivers the best results

And suggests that if you answer YES to 5 or more of these questions, the book will reveal what you need change to improve.

Line Management

$17.00 USD