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The Screenplay You're Given Isn't The One You Have To Keep

As a teenager, the author was told given two pieces of advice by his beloved Grandfather:

a. Get a Trade - become a trained Engineer, Draftsman, Carpenter or something similar so that whatever happened in life I would have something to fall back on.

b. Get Qualified - apparently, getting qualified in something would mean that I would always be employed and "no one" can take them away from me once I have them.

And he spent 30 years following his Grandfather's advice. Until he realised that he was doing what he'd been told he should do and not doing what he chose to do. Sound familiar?

The author asks ‘Whose Screenplay is it anyway?'

Because when we are born, we are all given three things:

1. A Mother

2. A Father

3. A Screenplay (their screenplay)

And all our parents do the best they can for us. They give us the best advice they can so that we don't suffer too many mistakes, or too much pain. Sadly, their screenplay is rarely the right one for their children.

The author discovered three important lessons along the way:

1. Knowledge - a great thing to have but knowledge doesn't take into account a person's emotional wellbeing and cannot always be a good predictor of future events or behaviour.

2. Passion - the emotions that guide our short term decision making - envy, lust, anger, happiness, sadness etc. which often encourage us to make impulsive decisions

3. Instinct - our "knowing". It is our instincts that guide us towards our purpose and our path to fulfilment.

And the author goes on to encourage us all to Write, Direct and Star in our own movie - to be the best we can be!

This is a gorgeous little e-book, which, if you are feeling a bit lost and off track, will be just the tonic you need to take life by the horns.

Lights, Camera, Action

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