Leadership - A Self Discovery Workbook


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How to discover whether you are a manager or a leader

Leadership is a very complex subject. We know great leadership when we see it, and we most certainly know terrible leadership when we see it.

For example:

"When Noah persuaded a group of people living in the middle of the DESERT that they really needed to help him build a SHIP and got it done. That was leadership.

Management was making sure the elephants didn't get to see what the rabbits were up to on the voyage."

So are you a manager or a leader? This book will help you define and decide.

It begins with several pre-reading tests and activities for you to work through.

No-one will ever take you to task if you tell a few lies in the tests, but if you really want to become a leader, I'd suggest you are brutally honest with yourself. You could also get someone else to complete the various questionnaires so you can compare your thoughts with theirs.

So once you have completed the activities, the book then takes you through the theories of what makes a great leader:

  • A clear vision
  • Clearly defined values
  • Understanding the difference between power and influence and the sources of both
  • The need to understand the power of creative thinking 
  • How to use a creative problem solving technique
  • Managing change and understanding people's reaction to change
  • The need to trust others
  • The absolute need for accountability (on your part and your team's)

And the author ends this wonderful workbook with the story of a letter sent by Abe Lincoln to General Meade during the battle of Gettysburg. A letter which defines true leadership.


Leadership - A Self Discovery Workbook

$27.00 USD