Lead Indicators Shaping the Health and Safety Space to 2017



This Lead Indicator document is more than just another source of information. Its purpose is to provide a ‘big picture’ view of some of the key global drivers that are reshaping countries, markets, and societies at the global and local levels.

This report provides a highly simplified overview of the trends, discontinuities and uncertainties associated for these Lead Indicators that help us to understand how that ‘big picture’ view may evolve over the coming years.

The space we operate in is going to change – probably to a greater degree and more rapidly than most of us expect. Your business needs to understand, prepare and adapt continuously.

Learn more about these Lead Indicators

  • Lead Indicators 1: Demographic Change
  • Lead Indicators 2: Workstyles & Lifestyles 
  • Lead Indicators 3: Injury Prevention 
  • Lead Indicators 4: Rehabilitation 
  • Lead Indicators 5: Technology Innovation 
  • Lead Indicators 6: The Economy 
  • Lead Indicators 7: Political Uncertainties 
  • Lead Indicators 8: New Business Models 

What Comes Next? 

Tomorrow’s successful businesses and organisations will be so because they have adopted continuous Lead Indicator monitoring and have response

About the Authors

Ian Ivey, Gudrun Strohmeier & Nick Marsh

Ian is an internationally experienced businessman and consultant and an investor/partner in several businesses internationally. He is fluent in several languages and has worked with clients in many different sectors in more than 40 countries over the past 25 years.

Lead Indicators Shaping the Health and Safety Space to 2017

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