Kairology Time for Personal Growth (e-book)


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The who, why, what, where questions which need to be answered so a person can achieve their ultimate potential.

Exquisite photography, pearls of wisdom, challenging questions, purposeful answers. This beautiful book is based around the traditional pack of playing cards - hearts = passion, clubs = expression, spades = action and diamonds = results.

The author asks some powerful questions throughout - would you be your own best friend; and if not why not? Who do you lean on and how are they shaping who you are? Is your thinking over-busy?

This is one of those books you will keep by your bedside - it is designed so you can open any page and be given food for thought about your life, your purpose and your beliefs.

Ian Williams is a recognized business coach; award winning business operator and international licensed assessor for ‘Investors in People'. Ian has a background in HR, he has managed restaurants, worked for a variety of Government departments and now shares his wisdom and expertise with a range of business clients.  

This book will make a beautiful gift for anyone who needs a lift.


Kairology  Time for Personal Growth (e-book)

$12.95 USD