It's Just A Numbers Game


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How to set up a training/consulting business from scratch.

Ann Andrews is an ex Human Resources Manager who developed a passion for teams and decided to set up her own HR/Team consultancy. Little did she realise that a passion for teams was NOT enough to put food on the table; and that even though she had worked in many business over the years, she had never actually had to set up a business from scratch.

This e-book is the process Ann used to set up her now, very successful business. It is designed to short circuit the pain for other people who have the dream of owning their own business, but have no idea where to start.

In this book you will learn:

  • Rule No 1 for setting up a new business
  • 4 ways to set yourself up for success
  • Networking and the 4 stages of selling
  • Dealing with ‘buts' when you talk to prospective clients
  • Getting past the gatekeeper when making follow-up calls
  • Conducting a 1:1 with a prospective client
  • How to talk fees
  • Running a showcase
  • The marketing wheel

And finally, in the book are examples of the main forms you will need to make a start with your training business:

  • A training/consultancy agreement
  • An Activity Sheet (great for knowing where you are in the sales cycle)
  • Feedback sheets
  • Questionnaire which can be used as a climate survey with a potential client to get your foot in the door

Ann acknowledges that is took her several years to get back to the level of income she had enjoyed as an HR manager - this book will ensure you don't take as long as she did to earn a fabulous income.


It's Just A Numbers Game

$17.00 USD


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