Instant Trend Expert: 10 critical trends



In this e-book, the ‘Global Trend Briefing' offers everything you need to know to persuade your colleagues and your clients of the power of understanding and utilising trends to grow their business.

They readily acknowledge that ‘information overload, hyper-accelerated change and the innovation frenzy (which you may well be helping to drive) can mean endless overwhelm; but endless opportunity, too.'

And so they offer 10 ‘trend' questions and give their answers. For example:

Q1: What IS a consumer trend?
Q2: ‘Tinder' a trend or a fad?
Q3: Where are the stats?
Q6: What competitive advantage is still to be gained?
Q10: I have no budget; I'm not in charge of innovation so what use are trends to me?

And I will use the answer to Q:10 as a summary:

A: If you have any contact with consumers, trends can be your (not so) secret weapon. So get going

About Global Trend Briefing:

That, in short, is what consumer trends are for. They provide a handle on the information onslaught and a framework by which to understand rapid change. They allow you to process, and focus.
Trends help you find the right insight or opportunity, generate the right ideas, and then execute them in the right way. The result? Delighted consumers.

Instant Trend Expert: 10 critical trends

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