Inside Distributed Teams


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Smart working practices for the 21st century - the challenges and opportunities of setting up remote teams.

The world is facing its greatest change in how people work, since the Industrial Revolution. Then the change was to bring people together under one roof to product products in a factory situation; now it is almost the opposite - to set up teams of people to work in remote locations.

In this eye-opening e-book, the author asks - what is remote working? Is it people working from home? Is it people working from their car?  And if it is either or both of those things - how does a manager manage those people and ensure results?

Don Cooke is Technical Director of CAL, a company specializing in increasing profits through improved team performance.  He has spent over 20 years working on a wide range of projects for the commercial and public sector. He knows first hand the challenges of working in remote teams.

In this e-book Don takes us through:

  • The pitfalls and benefits of remote teams
  • A case study of Mobility and Flexible Working in UK Local Government
  • Measuring remote projects - the top 7 performance indicators
  • The principles of remote team leadership
  • How to support remote team performance
  • Understanding the true cost of office space and the power of hot desking

If you are the owner or manager of a team of people who do not need to be in a central location, but are afraid of losing control of their performance and quality standards, then this book could contains invaluable information for you.


Inside Distributed Teams

$25.00 USD