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What is this ethereal quality called ‘initiative'. We all have it, and usually it is viewed as a positive as in ‘she really used her initiative on that project' or even in a job advert ‘we are looking for people who can use their initiative'.

But how do we know we have it? And how do we know when to use it? And what happens if we use it and we make a mess of things?

The author describes ‘initiative' as:

The ability to direct one's energies toward the completion of a goal without an external catalyst; the ability to initiate actions based on one's own interpretation or understanding of a situation.'

So it could be described as an ‘ah ha' or a ‘light bulb moment' or even a flash of inspiration.

If you feel that you are lacking in this quality (and I promise you, you are NOT), then why is it important?

Again from the author:

‘People with strong initiative feel comfortable enough with their abilities to act on their own decisions with consulting others.'

Does that sound like you?

If not - then this training guide WILL take you through 4 simple activities to show you that not only do you HAVE initiative, but also how to use it with confidence.

The 4 steps in this workbook are:

1. Acknowledging your strengths - we sometimes get so ‘down' on ourselves that we do need to remind ourselves that we really do have lots of talents and strengths

2. How and why we let things slip between the cracks ( a full and frank review of a recent situation)

3. How to take charge and learn from that situation

4. Networks: how to tap one of the most important things we have before we embark on our next project

We ALL have initiative. The challenge is that if you've used yours and it went wrong, or people around you took offence or things didn't quite work out as you'd imagined, the human thing to do is to step back and never use our initiative again. We got burned so we won't make that mistake again.

Which is a tragedy. Your initiative is a gift; don't ever berate yourself for making mistakes; berate yourself for burying those gifts.

About the author

The Brooks Group’s approach to helping organisations build and sustain top-performing business development programs and effective, productive personnel is based on a proven “whole business” change management approach using a 4-step process.

The Brooks Group has been working with sales organizations for well over 3 decades to develop top-performing sales teams.

Their unique transformational process addresses a variety of challenges and opportunities facing your team, ranging from what’s literally happening in the field pre-training, all the way to choosing the right sales training methodology and reinforcing and coaching the sales process on an ongoing basis.

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$9.97 USD