Induction Checklist


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How To Ensure New Employees Become Great Employees From Day 1

Has this has happened to you? You win that dream job and leap out of bed full of excitement and raring to go on your first day. You arrive early at the place of work bright and bushy tailed and find that, not only is no-one there to meet you - no-one even seems to know that you are starting work there so you spend an hour in reception waiting for someone to come and look after you.

Or, if you are lucky someone would have been assigned to look after you on your first day and will introduce you to your new co-workers; show you your desk or office - take you round the building and show you where everything is - like the lunch-room and toilets. And that's it - after that you are on your own. An improvement on the first scenario, but still not really ideal.

If you are an owner or manager reading this and thinking why bother with a comprehensive induction process? Won't people find out what they need to know themselves? Yes they may but how long will that take? And what about the mistakes they make while trying to find out and the customers they may offend because they don't know organization protocols and standards.

Induction needs to be so much more than leaving people to fend for themselves. New employees need to know a whole raft of things:

  • Your company's vision and values
  • Your policies and procedures
  • Your stand on quality and customer service
  • Work hours and emergency procedures
  • Your stance on internet use and phone protocols
  • Your dress code


  • So they can become valued and productive team players as quickly as possible
  • So they can add value from day one
  • So they don't let your company down because no-one let them know what to do in given situations - people are lousy mind-readers

If this all seems to onerous, then this e-book takes all the heat and guess-work out of what a good induction process looks like and how to implement your own process quickly and painlessly.

The book is a comprehensive series of checklists of what ‘good employers' do to ensure that new employees totally understand what is expected of them at your place of work. You don't have to slavishly follow every single thing suggested in the book, you can take out of the check-lists what will work for you and help your valued new employees settle in and be productive as quickly as possible.


Induction Checklist

$29.97 USD