I Am An Idea Factory


$9.95 USD

A personal leadership toolkit for innovators.

Ed Bernacki has devoted his life to innovation and let's face it, during these challenging economic times we need every idea we can get to keep our businesses afloat. This 48 page book is highly graphic and is designed to help people understand what it means to be innovate.  It captures 10 years of accumulated common sense which will help with innovative thinking.

I am an Idea Factory! is about

  • Recognizing that anyone can generate new ideas to solve the challenges they face
  • Having the conviction to solve problems creativity
  • Adopting innovative processes for creating new ideas more effectively
  • Believing that creativity and problem-solving are skills that can be learned and used

Why you need to be an idea factory

  • What people need to know about being innovative
  • Leadership of people; leadership of ideas
  • How to stop killing ideas and the people who create them
  • Thinking outside the box-and when to not do so
  • Brainstorming like an idea factory

I am an Idea Factory! Volume 1 is the first in a series of mini books designed to be read and used by people who want to find new ways to solve problems.


I Am An Idea Factory

$9.95 USD