How To Write Your Business E-book In 5 Days



Turning your knowledge into income.

The author had a very philosophical discussion with a publisher about the value of e-books over traditional hard copy books, and the conclusion was that these are two very different worlds. That there will always be a place for hard copy books, but e-books serve a very different function:

  • They are about getting information out to people almost instantly.
  • Writing e-books is also a way to write chapter by chapter of your real book - and earn revenue as you write each chapter.
  • In e-form the author can test the market - maybe no-one wants what they are writing about! So they will know this very quickly. No sales = no interest.
  • Traditional books can take a year to write and another year to go through the publishing process

We live in a world of instant information. People want their information NOW!

So the advantage of writing an e-book over a traditional books is that taking the usual two years to get a book in the shops could mean one of two things:
a. the information could be obsolete by the time it hits the shops and
b. someone else could get our information out before us
This e-book contains several very valuable things:

  • Information on getting out of ‘hours for dollars' thinking
  • The 5 day template
  • The do's and don'ts of e-books so your information looks professional

So in just five days - you could be an author! What are you waiting for?

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How To Write Your Business E-book In 5 Days

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