How to Win the Resistance Game



Winning against resistance is a wonderful feeling but understanding why makes it even sweeter.

In this book Sean D'Sousa's style and wit help us understand how we play the game and win. This book is written for people who never give up.

In this EBook Sean looks at:

  • Is it resistance?
  • Find out why resistance loves the lonely
  • Why scripting helps overcome resistance
  • How excuses are a downward spiral
  • How to beat inertia
  • How to overcome tiredness using self-control
  • The importance of learning to use the tools effectively
  • Using inspiration

And you will learn why it is important to have:

  1. An Action Forum
  2. External Deadlines

This is a book for people who want to stop the bully brain. This is a resource for anyone who needs encouragement from time to time. This is a book for anyone who wants to outwit resistance and WIN! Download now if this sounds like YOU!

About the Author

Sean D'Sousa is a speaker, author and consultant He works passionately with large corporations as well as medium sized and small firms helping them find creative ways to communicate on and offline with their clients..

How to Win the Resistance Game

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