How to seal the deal (and stop it falling apart)



When you fear you are doing business with sharks

According to Michael Smyth (The Approachable Lawyer) ‘The business world is full of


And the problem for most of us in  business is that we don't usually find out that the person on the other end of the deal is a shark until it is far too late. By which time we may have lost a small fortune in legal fees as well as all those anticipated profits we were expecting to make.

We all have to do business and we all have to enter into agreements with potential business associates, so how do we do that without getting burned?

In this e-book Michael Smyth takes the reader through some simple yet basic steps of understand the pitfalls of entering agreements without totally understanding what you are agreeing to:


  • Why (when things go wrong) recovering your losses isn't easy
  • How to create certainty when reaching a deal and how to avoid costly legal fees
  • How to beat the sharks
  • Why ‘handshake' agreements simply don't work
  • How to decipher and understand the agreement you are about to sign
  • Understanding legalese
  • The attractions and potential dangers of doing business with friends and family


Doing business with people we don't know very well can be a minefield; people look good when we first meet them and usually promise great things. Yet downtrack we realise that we didn't have a rock solid agreement so find ourselves in a situation beyond our control. This simple process Michael recommends could save your sanity and your business.

About the author:

Michael Smyth is a lawyer who has spent many years helping many clients out of the mire of poor agreements. He has extensive expertise in employment and sport, but he is also a businessman, which gives him a good insight into a number of problems his clients face. He also prides himself on his approachability. He keeps his clients informed as to what is going on when he advfises them and gives realistic estimates of how long a job is going to take. He doesn't speak in legal jargon and adopts a very plain English, businesslike style of writing agreements and contracts.


How to seal the deal (and stop it falling apart)

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