How to Run a Palace Coup



How Bees Work and their Quirky Parallels with Human Organizations

This book is a story of the bee and the beekeeper. It is intended to describe what we can learn from the way bees organize themselves into hives. It has been written to celebrate this humble insect, demonstrate some practical observations made from working with them and to draw parallels between bee colonies and human organisations.
Some of the things you will discover in this book are:

  • The bee approach to innovation.
  • How bees work their way through conflict between each other. 
  • How to run a palace coup.
  • Why mergers and acquisitions fail. 
  • A process to manage sex in the workplace.
  • Other parallels of life in beehives and human organisations.

A purpose of this book is to draw out comparisons so that we can learn from the bees. The main purpose, though, is to help people understand bees more, so that we can celebrate their magic and mystery and even encourage more people to take up bee keeping.

A lovely way of seeing the important lessons for running a successful palace coup but more ...lessons to run and grow a successful business

About the Author

John Laurent joined Human Synergistic as Business Development Manager and was appointed consultant after one year. He gained experience in the use of research based culture and leadership measurement, development and change tools. These include the Life Styles Inventory and Organisational Culture Inventory, some of the most widely used and recognised diagnostic questionnaires. He worked in depth with organisations in follow up work such as teaching problem solving skills and implementing culture change programmes. He has considerable experience in the use of the Role Negotiation process to develop more disclosure and improve teamwork in groups.

John is now a self employed consultant who continues to use Human Synergistics tools within the firm and external clients. He runs leadership skills workshops and one on one coaching for clients.

How to Run a Palace Coup

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