How to Market Your Business Better in 30 Days


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30 Steps to Get Your Message Right and Deliver It

Marketing your business is essential - it's about having the right product or service for the right audience and making sure that they know it's available.

Most small businesses start on a shoestring. Few people are fortunate enough to have serious investment when they have that rush of blood to the head that gets them to quit their jobs and embark on self-employment.

The author believes that writing to persuade people to take action is a science and an art. Her book will provide you with the ‘how to' and some tips to apply and pitfalls to avoid as well as some suggestions on how to develop that essential art of writing.

New business owners or self-employed people need to watch every penny; they have to do a lot of things they may not have any experience in themselves. Marketing is vital to any business, new or existing, and it is the single biggest area where people can not only spend a lot of money, it is the single biggest area they can make mistakes. Like:

  • Printing lots of postcards that you will probably never use
  • Employ someone to do telephone marketing (because you don't like doing it) only to find they weren't keen on doing it either but were happy for you to pay them for not doing it very well
  • Launching unfocused marketing campaigns because you think ‘everyone will want this' - and finding nobody does!

This e-book/workbook is designed to help you get really clear on your business BEFORE you head out and squander lots of hard earned cash. Lesley Morrissey asks you to think through:

  1. What is your message
  2. What makes you different from your competitors?
  3. Why do you stand out?
  4. What do you do that's different or better?
  5. Who is your primary target audience?
  6. What do they do?
  7. What age group are they?
  8. Where do they live?
  9. What is important to them?

The workbook then goes on to explain how to give your customers what THEY want, not what you THINK they want. It will show you how to write great marketing copy for the web and how to take them on a journey THROUGH your website.

And if that wasn't enough, the author shares:

  • The 5 reasons why people don't get your message
  • How to create fabulous brochures
  • Great e.mailing secrets
  • Direct marketing campaigns that work
  • The truth about article submission
  • The blogging basics What more could a person new to business and marketing need?

This is such a simple, well thought out and easy to follow e-book and even if you've been in business for a while it wouldn't hurt to go back to some basics again. Sometimes we forget the very simple things that can bring us more business.

How to Market Your Business Better in 30 Days

$27.00 USD