How To Make Good People Great Leaders


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Maximise your impact as a leader by discovering how to captivate, challenge and connect to your people

Ricky Nowak says that ‘If you're serious about staying competitive and building business opportunities for the future, "you had better be serious about finding out exactly what your people want and need, rather than second guessing or trying to create a trend and hoping people will follow.  People want to be informed and included."

And she should know - she has asked the leaders of Australia's most successful organizations. People who are serious about retaining talented staff, attracting market share and keeping their focus on business success.

Because today's business world is becoming increasingly competitive, and many businesses are driven by a sense of urgency to increase their market share in order to generate ever-increasing profits, so simply cutting costs and managing the financials is no longer enough.

What matters most to the business of today, is the ability to pre-empt the needs of staff and customers, because if you don't someone else will!

In this e-book Ricky shares with you in 10 powerful chapters how to do just that:

  • Chapter 1: The pre-emptive strike. How to lead your business to success
  • Chapter 2: The challenge of change and how to cope
  • Chapter 3: The 3 x R's of leadership; resilience, relationships and respect
  • Chapter 4: Communication
  • Chapter 5: Innovation and creativity - their place in contemporary leadership
  • Chapter 6: Performance appraisals - the importance of effective feedback
  • Chapter 7: Getting it straight: Coaching and mentoring
  • Chapter 8: Stepping up to staff engagement
  • Chapter 9: Making presentations memorable
  • Chapter 10: How to convert business contacts into business contracts This could become the one and only book you need to run a successful business; to be an inspiring leader and to begin to turn your good people into great leaders.
How To Make Good People Great Leaders

$18.75 USD