How to Lead in Uncertain Times



Building the Future

Leading in times of uncertainty requires a different approach to dealing with the future.

 Successful leaders follow four key practices.

  1. Developing a growth and learning mindset
  2. Preferring people over data
  3. Avoiding risky bets
  4. Being a rational optimist

What does it all Mean?

Thinking differently about the future is a key part of dealing effectively with uncertainty, and being able to create a viable future for our organisation. We need to adopt a growth and learning mindset; look behind the data to understand the people in their markets and organisations; avoid the risky “bet-the-business” decisions as they seek competitive advantage; and understand the whole system of which they are part.

By following these practices, leaders can improve their effectiveness in an uncertain and challenging world

About the Author

Dr Norman Chorn is a strategist and organisation development practitioner with the BrainLink Group. He uses principles of neuroscience to address the challenges of developing strategy in a complex and certain environment. His particular areas of focus are strategy in conditions of uncertainty; organisational and cultural alignment; and strategic leadership.

How to Lead in Uncertain Times

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