How to Give Effective Feedback


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Power Hour training materials have been designed by professional trainers to help businesses run effective bite-size training workshops on specific topics. These training materials have been designed so no training experience is necessary to run the sessions

This session on giving effective feedback aims to help people to provide constructive feedback to others. Constructive feedback is useful feedback, and can apply to positive and negative situations. Effective feedback is welcomed by the receiver, and is given with the aim of helping them and improving overall performance.

In particular, by the end of the Power Hour attendees will be able to:

· Describe the characteristics of effective feedback

· Identify what stops them from giving regular feedback to others

· Structure feedback to ensure that it is useful, and delivered fairly

The Outline for this session is as follows:

•Welcome and Introduction (including benefits of giving feedback) - Trainer and delegate input
•What STOPS us from giving feedback? - Post-it note exercise and trainer consolidation
•The Johari Window - (Optional) Trainer input
•Characteristics of Effective Feedback (BOOST) - Trainer input, reflection and discussion
•Structuring Feedback - Trainer input
•Better Feedback - Individual/pairs activity to improve poor examples of feedback
•Giving Feedback - (Optional) Role play to practice using the structures and BOOST
•Summary and putting it into practice
Designed to be run in 60 minutes, these mini training sessions allow you to deliver a short, sharp training interventions with minimum disruiption to your business. So if you are short on time and can't release people for long training courses; if you want to develop your people, but can't afford to bring in external trainers and if you want maximum results for minimum investment then these bite sized training models are exactly what you need.

About the creator: 

Sheridan Webb is the owner and creative force behind Power Hour Training. She has over 20 years experience of designing training for other people to use but is also an experienced facilitator, qualified coach and NLP business practitioner too! Most of Sheridan's experience has been gained working with managers and front-line staff in retail, manufacturing, utilities and financial services. She is passionate about giving people the tools and skills they need to job their jobs to the best of their ability, and takes a practical rather than theoretical approach which comes through in her training materials.


How to Give Effective Feedback

$48.50 USD