How to Get The Most Value From Your Next Conference


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Bridge the gap between the inspiration of a conference and action back at work

At the last conference you attended, did you:

  • Make notes, but never look at them again?
  • Collect business cards from people that you can't remember?
  • Sit through a key note speech that seemed too dull to listen to?
  • Attend a workshop that was not what you expected?
  • Put your conference materials on a shelf or in a folder and ignore them?
  • Have nothing to ask after a workshop?
  • Find a great idea and do nothing with it?
  • Spend most of your time with people you know?
  • Eat and drink more than usual?
  • Sleep and exercise less than usual?
  • Leave feeling excited about what you learned, but it was business as usual within a week?

If you answered ‘yes' more than ‘no', this book can help you to become a more effective conference participant. For those of you with lots of ‘no' answers, this book can enhance your skills and insights to find great ideas at your next conference and convert them into business results.

Because we've all gone to conferences, made notes, and never looked at them Again, yet if we do not look at our notes, we are unlikely to act on any ideas we created.

This book was written with over 15 years of experience in watching people at conferences and speaking at over 250 conferences.

You will find three main ideas throughout this book:

  1. Ideas related to the resources you bring to a conference as a participant. These include your style of thinking, and sense of purpose, attitudes, and intuition.
  2. Ideas about the resources which are around you at a conference. These include speakers, panel discussions, workshops and other participants. You can build your skills as an effective conference participant to use your resources wisely.
  3. Ideas on innovative thinking and innovation. I start with making useful notes. Yet the objective of attending a conference is not to make notes; it is use your notes to shape ideas that will be useful for your success after the conference. Some of these ideas can lead to innovations.


This is an exceptional book which explains:

  • 9 tips for getting the best value from any conference you attend
  • Why you need to ask the question ‘Why Am I Going To The Conference?
  • How To Be An Active Conference Listener
  • How To Be An Active Conference Note-Taker
  • Personal Strategies For Surviving And Thriving At Conferences
  • How to Mingle, Network, And Collaborate
  • How to Invest 60 Minutes For A Year Of Ideas
  • Every Organization Needs An Innovationist - Is This You?
  • Why Conferences Are Important For Personal Success


This guide includes planning templates, examples and tips to not only get the most out of a conference as an attendee, but also how to design a more innovative conference. Guaranteed!

How to Get The Most Value From Your Next Conference

$4.95 USD