How to Find Your Authentic Self



A guide and tool to finding and bringing to life your Authentic Excellence

In this day and age of message saturation, and time poverty it can be hard to look inward to find your own unique message (your USP); the message you can take to the world, that no-one else is but that can make a difference to other people along their own journey.

This report was written with the aim of helping people understand their authentic ‘selves' through 3 simple tools, so that by knowing themselves, they could build on that uniqueness; find their niche (or market); leverage their talents to create an online presence which in turn could earn them an income.

It takes the courage to ask yourself some hard questions to find your own ‘right' answers. It takes intuition, honest personality assessment, mentoring, education
and clarity of purpose.

In Social media (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) the fastest growing group is the 45 to 55 year old demographic. For good reason. This group has gone from rebuilding post war, to prospering in a high employment era to suffering in a recession that defeated the biggest financial institutions around the world.

Where once there were jobs for life, and sayings like ‘safe as houses' there are now cautious investors, hesitant retirees and baby boomers facing the very real idea that 65 is too early to leave the workforce and maintain living standards they have become accustomed to.

So what have the new fangled tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn got to do with ongoing income; ongoing use of skills and talents? Is it possible to use the web to start a new ‘online' career and actually earn a good income from it?

However, to use these new tools and to profit from them, we must understand the ‘online' rules and then we must define our business strategy using them.

But I don't Know Where To Start!

This mega report is designed to help you get started. It has exercises that will help you define:

  • Your strengths and your weaknesses
  • What needs we can meet, for our customers and followers by using our authentic natural talents
  • Who we want in our team to help us deliver our message.

When you finish the exercises in this report you will be ready to:

  • Target customers
  • Develop products
  • Define your message with your Authentic Excellence

The world awaits you.

How to Find Your Authentic Self

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